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Written by Howard Sherman and Ron Schultz

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Since it was first published 25 years ago, Open Boundaries has been recognized as a seminal work in leading Enterprise Complexity. The process of interaction and emergence introduced in this book, exposes the myth that enterprise complexity can be managed. It cannot. But it can and must be led.

Written by the late Howard Sherman and Ron Schultz, Open Boundaries emerged out of years of seminars held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These workshops attracted businesses and enterprises from around the world grappling with rapid change. The pace of that change had unceremoniously propelled them out of the industrial age, through the information age, and into a post information age of new and previously unimagined opportunities that were always just one step away.

Leading the way to these adjacent opportunities is why the ideas in Open Boundaries continue to create a new future. They are as needed today as they were when they first shattered enterprise thinking. There is a good reason it, as well as the other books in the Re-Emerge collection, are classics. They are not about control and order, but a means of understanding and meeting the complexity encountered and leading it to a new and vital future.

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