This ground-breaking volume explores social entrepreneurship from the perspective of complexity science and systems thinking. Case studies, models, simulations, and theoretical papers advance both theory and practice, providing an innovative and comprehensive look at these dynamic topics. Written by complexity theorists, international development practitioners, and experts in a variety of other disciplines, this must-have book is mandatory reading for everyone interested in this newly developing field.

In this book, you will find much food for thought on social enterprises and social businesses… The kinds of analyses, methods, and concepts offered in this book provide guidance on how to transform your inspiration into action.
– from the Foreword by Ron Schultz, Executive Director, Legacy XXI Institute

This book contains exciting, new ideas about the dynamic world of social entrepreneurship. It is an accessible resource for anyone involved in social enterprises, social businesses, or public-private partnerships. Bravo to the editors and the authors for bringing together this rich material at a time when our nation, indeed, the entire world, sorely needs it.
– Jim Gibbons, President & CEO, Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

The greatest contribution from complexity science is the theoretical link it makes between sustainability and the dynamics of open systems in disequilibrium. Amidst a burgeoning literature of social entrepreneurship this volume is the very first to make this link explicit, and in so doing offers a leading-edge perspective on every aspect of social entrepreneurship. Each of the chapters generates new insights and frameworks for researchers, practitioners and policy makers.
– Benyamin Lichtenstein, Professor, University of Massachusetts

The complexity sciences help us to redefine the sustainability of our organizations and are especially pertinent to social entrepreneurial programs. The opportunity of this new approach is illustrated, for example, by the analysis of social networks and the phenomena of emergence and transformation as specific features of complex systems. An essential text for understanding the near future.
– O+berri instituto vasco de innovaciόn sanitaria (Basque Institute for Healthcare Innovation—Basque Country, Spain)

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