This ground breaking volume explores the importance of transforming our attitude to the planet’s resources. This requires a redesign of living standards and governance controls to enable humanity to emerge from an unsustainable way of life. It is mandatory reading for everyone concerned about rights, responsibilities and sustainable living in the next decade.

It is written by Janet McIntyre-Mills with Denise de Vries. Janet has written widely in the areas of representation, accountability and sustainable praxis. Denise contributed the design for the software to enable participatory design and accountability. She is an informatics specialist who collaborated with Janet on research projects that have informed this book. The foreword is by Ken Bausch and the preface is by Norma Romm. Bevin Wilson participated in a conversation with the author to sum up the core social, economic and environmental challenges addressed in the book.

The volume not only critiques our relationships with one another, the powerless (including all sentient beings) and the environment, but provides suggestions as to how nested forms of regional governance for social and environmental justice (buttressed by law and informed by responsive policy) could be implemented internationally. The book inspires the energy to engage in ethical entrepreneurship for a sustainable future at the local, regional and international level. Alan Rayner concludes the volume. The contributors are innovators in the field of complexity praxis, sociology of identity, Aboriginality, biology, informatics and participatory design.

This book points out the prime direction to progress and happiness: respectful dialogue among peoples of different nationalities, cultures, religions, and socio-economic classes. In respectful listening and clarifying ideas, paths of mutual benefit can be pursued. In making new paths together, the world is transformed and transcendence from the status quo is achieved.

Ken Bausch, Systems Scientist and Philosophe

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