This short book examines the need for change in human systems and provides an opportunity for achieving lasting, sustainable change. This book is set out in three chapters which address: the challenges with change in organizations and how those challenges relate to organizational culture; a methodology for exploring cultures in organizations; and a model for using our understanding of organizational culture to develop lasting, purposeful organizational change. The underlying concepts of organizational change described in this book are founded in systems theory and evidence-based assessment.

Insightful, thorough and practical, the ideas put forth by, Owen, Dietz and Culbertson urge business leaders to take an active role in shaping culture as a business imperative. Using sound data and meaningful metaphors, the authors make a powerful argument for how doing so will heighten business performance and employee engagement.
Nancy P. Dunnells
Senior Director, Darden Executive Education, University of Virginia

If you hope to succeed as a leader, this monograph is indispensable! The authors use a simple and memorable approach to communicate profound lessons around how to succeed as an agent of culture change. You will find in this work, mental models and practical frameworks for action that will empower you to have a meaningful impact, in your work community. This is especially true if you and your colleagues are struggling to adapt to new levels of challenge in your environment…and who isn’t? Whether your find your organization to be too chaotic, too structured, or simply in need of reinvigorating its purpose and values, invest time and focus in understanding this content! And, you will guide your organization toward a more open, adaptive, and higher-performing culture.
Kimberly Kristenson-Lee
Chevron Project Resources Company, Functional Talent Manager

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