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Since Richard N. Knowles’s first papers on Self-Organizing Leadership and the Process Enneagram© published in Emergence: Complexity & Organization (Volume 3, Number 4, and Volume 4, Number 2) in 2001 and 2002, and his book, The Leadership Dance (ISBN 9780972120401) published in 2002, the knowledge and use of this tool of complexity has spread, finding wider and wider use around the world in many countries and cultures. Using this tool in organizations to help the people to address complex problems produces extraordinary results, powerful insights and a sense of wholeness.

There are nine essays in this book by students and practitioners that help to deepen the understanding of this tool and show how to use it effectively in a wide variety of situations. In using this tool to guide and facilitate the intense, important conversations with groups and organizations, you will be more able to help them to solve the critical, complex questions they are facing.

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