We live our lives in spatio-temporal contexts, whether we are at work or at home. Yet, we hold on to the classical idea of fixed, permanent and acontextual truth. ROBUSTNESS argues that people are aware of and use a variety of spatio-temporal contexts to create specific contextual approaches that produce richer knowledge. Robustness binds together some of these approaches into a coherent theory that connects terms, concepts, theories and the actions of leaders. It does this with reference to real-life projects that have benefited from the use of appropriate spatio-temporal contexts.

ROBUSTNESS changes the way we comprehend the emergence of futures, whether we talk about our responses to climate change, the movement from government-centric approaches to citizen-centric ones or the democratization of innovation, which will provide a voice for the millions of innovators outside major corporations.

When our thinking becomes richer, our action becomes more robust, more anticipatory and adaptive. Future leadership will be more effective and have a greater impact because it will take the long-term view and increase our awareness of what is possible.

The explicit consideration of various timeframes is essential if we are to tackle the great challenges of our time. ROBUSTNESS does a great job in linking leadership to specific spatio-temporal contexts.
Director Jerome C. Glenn, The Millennium Project, Washington

This utterly important book breathes life into some of the old ideas about thinking and acting on our future.  It will improve our chances of surviving in the evolution.
Professor Remi Barré, former advisor for foresight at the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris

ROBUSTNESS is a courageous and innovative effort that has deep practical implications for both individuals and organizations.
John L. Casti, Senior Research Scholar IIASA and co-founder, The Kenos Circle, Vienna

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