This book is about how emergence, self-organization, and cause come into existence. These fundamental processes play roles in the origins of virtually everything, thus the book describes the basics of how everything comes into existence. Development plays many roles in the origins of emergence, self-organization, and cause. With factor development, factors such as emergence originate in simple form in simple situations, and occur in more complex form in more complex situations where additional factors are playing roles. With situation development, the interrelations of two to many factors change through time. Development can be creative, leading to progressive increase in complexity. It is a universal factor that provides a way to develop a universal conceptual model. Understanding development, emergence, self-organization, and cause, provides the opportunity to become a modern generalist. A modern generalist thinks in the mode of these factors, using them as intellectual tools of exploration, analysis, understanding, and description.

The modern generalist mode is like a Rosetta Stone of understanding. It translates the intrinsic deep structure of reality into a form that can be comprehended by a living mind.

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