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E:CO Ordering

Please note that you will receive four separate issues throughout the current volume year. If you have subscribed part way through a particular volume, those issues that have already been published will be sent to you a.s.a.p. NB Once the third issue for a particular volume has been published then subscriptions are taken for the next volume.

There are three subscription types to choose from:

  • Individual;
  • Institutional - For all university libraries and departments, and also for government and non-profit organizations;
  • Corporate - For all non-government and for-profit organizations.

All subscriptions come with full access to the E:CO archives back to Volume 1 (1999). For student/individual subscriptions this is provided via username/password access, details of which will be provided in an email after checkout. For institutional/corporate subscribers e-access is provided via IP-based authentication (although username/password based access is available on request).

Please click on one of the cover graphics below to place your subscription order.

Emergence: Complexity & Organization - One year subscription INDIVIDUAL ONLY
Emergence: Complexity & Organization - One year subscription INSTITUTIONAL
Emergence: Complexity & Organization - One year subscription CORPORATE