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"...this innovative journal is more than a repository of reported ideas: it pushes toward new ideas in a generative manner.""E:CO provides an excellent overview of some of the latest thinking on complexity and its implications for organization"
Roger Lewin
Prize-winning author of Complexity: Life at the Edge of Chaos
Gareth Morgan Distinguished Research Professor,York University, Toronto

About E:CO

ISSN: 1521-3250
eISSN: 1532-7000

Emergence: Complexity & Organization (E:CO) is an international and interdisciplinary conversation about human organizations as complex systems and the implications of complexity science for those organizations. With a unique format blending the integrity of academic inquiry and the impact of business practice, E:CO integrates multiple perspectives in management theory, research, practice and education. E:CO is a quarterly journal published in print and online in accordance with academic publishing standards and processes, sponsored by The Complexity Society, the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, and Cognitive Edge.

Full online access to the re-launch special double issue of E:CO (Issue 6, numbers 1 & 2) is available free here.

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E:CO is published in collaboration with the following organizations:

ISCE Research

Cognitive Edge

Complexity Society