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Manuscripts Submitted to E:CO

The table below comprises the papers submitted to E:CO since early 2008. Inclusion in this table does not indicate that any paper was accepted for publication. As submitted papers go through a blind review process the details of contributing authors have been removed. To download any paper, click on the Adobe PDF icon. To read an article's abstract just hover your cursor over the appropriate title.

Complexity Storytelling: The Science of Complexity within the Art of Communication
Ultrametric dynamics for the closed fractal-cluster resource models
Power reduction in Digital VLSI Circuits
Coopting Formal and Informal structures: Organization Structuring from the Perspective of Complexity Theory
Interpreting Big History as Complex Adaptive System Dynamics with Nested Logistic Transitions in Energy Flow and Organization
Social Complexity Theory for Sense Seeking: Unearthing Leadership Mindsets for Unknowable and Uncertain Times
On the Collective Behavior of Inanimate and Living Systems
Eyes-Wide-Shut: Insights from an Indigenous research methodology
Modeling the Interrelationship of Organizational Culture, Values, Intellectual Capital and Productivity
The Algorithmic Mind And What It Means To Solve A Problem
Two Complexities. The Need to Link Complex Thinking and Complex Adaptive Systems Science
Exploring U.S. Coast Guard Organizational Preparedness Through Chaos and Complexity Theory: A Case Study
Does sustainability emerge from between the scales?
Complexity Leadership Generates Innovation, Learning, and Adaptation of the Organization
Building Theory about Evolution of Organizational Change Patterns
Are theories of conflict improving?
Shared Leadership: Toward a More Appropriately Complex Understanding of Leadership in a Global Context
A Dynamic Framework for Planning under Simple, Complicated, and Complex Conditions
Identities and Axes of Tension in the Renewable Energy Industry: A Case Study of Emergence at the Edge of Chaos
How fitness landscapes help further the social and behavioral sciences
Engaging alternative cognitive pathways for taming wicked problems: A case study
Managerial decision making under chaotic conditions: service industries
It’s not only what you know…. simulating research networks in the UK university sector
Theory of Emergence in Complex Firms: A Model Centered Approach
On Three Constituent Properties of System and Organizational Resilience
An Extended Model of Project Complexity
Mapping Complexity Theory: a Scientometric Approach
Luhmann meets Weick: Information Interoperability and Situational Awareness
Understanding Contextual Intelligence: a critical competency for today's leaders
Agents in the System: The Case of Institutional Transformation in U.S. Public Schools
Leadership and Decision-Making in Team-Based Organizations: A Model of Bounded Chaotic Cycling in Emerging System States
Occupy Complexity: Using Complexity to Examine the Occupy Wall St. Movement
Re-Conceptualizing Agile Information Systems Development as a Complex Adaptive System
The Prospects and Limits of Algorithms in Simulating Creative Decision Making
Logic, Nature and theTown Council Meeting
Igniting the Leadership Spark: An Exploration of Decision Making and Punctuated Change
Outlook Of China's System Transformation
Making Sense of Social Value Creation: Three Organizational Case Studies
The negentropic role of redundancy in the processes of value creation and extraction and in the development of competitiveness
The Seductive Allure of "Best Practices"
Understanding Complexity Leadership Behaviour in SMEs: Lessons from a Turbulent Business Environment
Myth-Busters: Traditional and Emergent Leadership
Adaptive Organisations – Interweaving the Deliberate and Emergent
The curious case of Stimulus as Constraint
From Newton to Newtonianism: Reductionism and the Development of the Social Sciences
Innovation by Harmonizing Continuity and Change – A Case
Entrepreneurs and the Emergence of New Industry Structures
Rationality, complexity and self-organisation
Strategy, Knowledge and Information Organization - Systemic Evolutionary Perspectives on Complex Systems
Can we learn how complex systems work?
The Tragedy of the Rationals
Critical reflection as an irreversible process: Epicurus, the Arrow of Time, and an ontology for organizational learning phenom
Exploring the Emergent Act of Leadership in Processes of Social Interaction in Organisations
Notes on co-evolutionary systems, emergence and habitus
Collective Intelligence, Communal Mind, and the Ecology of Wisdom
Using Docking to Verify and Validate Complex Business Innovation Models
Emergence and Immergence of Viruses
Fearless Evolution: Fearful Symmetry as Principle in Emergence and in Adaptive Leaps in Boolean Landscapes
Meta-TAO: A Phase Portrait for Boolean Systems
Scientific collaborations as complex adaptive systems
A Review of The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance
China’s Climate Change Dilemma: Policy and management for conditions of complexity
Patterns, Models, Complexity
Reinterpreting socio-economic processes: A systems view of decentralisation in Indonesia
Towards a Socio-ecological view of emergence in organizations: The reflexive turn
Sustainable Supply Networks: A Complex Systems Perspective
Moving Far From Far-From-Equilibrium: Opportunity Tension as the Driver of Emergence
A Fractal Approach to Sustainable Networks
Understanding the Unpredictable: Beyond Traditional Research on Mergers and Acquisitions
Social and Ecological Transitions: Winemaking in Califorinia
Social Entrepreneurship Effects on the Emergence of Cooperation in Networks
Emergence Is Not Always 'Good'
Some Multifaceted Relationships Between Semantic And Syntactic Aspects Of Communication: An Elaboration Of Phenomeno-Semantic Co
The Complexity of Complexity Theory: An Innovative Analysis
Making Geographical Clusters More Successful: Complexity-Based Policies
The Concept Of Transduction And Its Use In Organization Studies
Collective Case Study Method And Fractal Geometry: Instrumental And Intrinsic Cases In Organizational Research
The Dark Side Of Organizational Knowing
The Emergence of the Communicative Value of Silence
Complexity and the Phenomenological Structure of ‘Surprise’
Knowledge Transformation, Learning And Changes Giving Competitive Advantage In Aerospace Supply Chains
Power Law Distributions In Pattern Dynamics Of Attacker-Defender Dyads In The Team Sport Of Rugby Union: Phenomena In A Region O
Framework For The Role Of Self-Organization In The Handling Of Adaptive Challenges
An Alternative Sports Metaphor for Understanding Teamwork as Complex: Soccer
From Traditional Knowledge Management in Hierarchical Organizations to a Network Centric Paradigm for a Changing World
Studying Urban Development In Tel Aviv, Based On Its Morphology Alone
The Application of the Dimensionality Perspective in Organization Study
Temporality in Link Prediction: Understanding Social Complexity
A Dynamical Model for Information Retrieval and Emergence of Scale-Free Clusters in a Long Term Memory Network
Unpredictability and Non-linearity in Complexity Theory: A Critical Appraisal
Building Resilient Organizations
Martin Buber and Complexity-Based Ethics
Is Complexity Revealed by a Mutual Capacity to Blackmail? The Search for Geopolitical Equilibrium and the War on Terror
Derivation of Factors Facilitating Organizational Emergence Based on Complex Adaptive Systems & Social Autopoiesis Theories
Fractals, Attractors and the Quantum Self: A New Lexicon for HRM
A Knowledge Management Based Idea Generation Method to Handle Complexity of Organizations
Handling Organizational Complexity Using Concept Composition
Complexity, Soft Systems Methodology and Planning: A Case of Integrated Natural Hazards Risk Management
Bakhtin’s Dialogism: A Communication Theory of Complexity and the Possibility of Organizational Change Through Holonic Entanglem
A Unified Localizable Emergency Events Scale
Complexity Approaches on Logistics: Moving Beyond Systems Approach
Emergence, Normativity and the Social Ontology of Organizations
Competitive Scenarios, Community Responses
Complexity Models and Conflict: A Case Study from Kosovo
Understanding the Complexity of Word-of-Mouth Responses in a World of Increasing Connectivity