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Please fill in the required details below. Once you click on the 'Create User' button a basic account (which allows you to access the Members Area) will be created, and you will be sent a confirmation email. This email will contain a confirmation code that you will need to enter into the Code Confirmation page to finalize your account.

Please note that the email will be sent from 'admin {at} emergentpublications {dot} com' so please be sure that emails from this address pass through your spam filter. If you do not receive your confirmation code email in the next few hours then please contact 'admin @ emergentpublications . com' directly and your account can be approved manually. For some reason the providers of GMAIL, HOTMAIL and YAHOO email accounts seem to make extra effort to block these confirmation emails.

From time to time we will send you an email which will contain a reminder of your username and password for your convenience. EP does not store any personal financial information (credit cards details are not stored in anyway after a transaction has been completed). Also, your email address cannot be changed even if you are logged in - that can only be performed by an EP staff member. So for security reasons we strongly recommend that you DO NOT CHOOSE A USERNAME AND PASSWORD THAT IS ALREADY ASSOCIATED WITH ANOTHER SITE THAT MAINTAINS PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION, E.G., YOUR BANK OR CREDIT CARD COMPANY (even if it makes it easier to remember!).

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