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“So There We Were...”: Leadership Stories from the Men and Women Who Make the Navy Work

Written/Edited by: Patricia Reily
2011, ISBN 9780984216574 (216 pages), Emergent Publications

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This book captures the inspirational, humorous and heart-warming stories of a particularly adept group of leaders—“Navy Chiefs” (Navy Chief Petty Officers).

The leadership principles and practices explored here are universal. They should resonate with anyone who aspires to be a better leader, but they will be particularly relevant to those who find old explanations of leadership and organization lacking, and those who yearn for role models dedicated to a purpose greater than themselves.

Navy Chiefs inspire, train and motivate young sailors to accomplish the often unglamorous work of the Navy. Work usually performed in challenging, hazardous conditions.

Through the stories of Navy Chiefs, and the simple exercises presented at the end of each chapter, the reader will uncover their own stories and discover the powerful nexus between narrative and exceptional leadership.

Praise for "So There We Were..."

Listen up to morning quarters! "So there we were…" is a must read, “no sh*t,” sea story for wannabe E-7's, a walk down memory lane for Chiefs and a lesson in effective leadership for all others.
–Duane R. Bushey (Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, retired)

This is easily the most original and important work about leadership I have read! "So there we were..." is the essence of leadership writ large.
–Jesse J. Elliott (Force Master Chief, USN, retired)

With a Navy Admiral for a father, I learned early on that storytelling is a great way to teach valuable lessons about leadership. Read “So there we were…” and let Patricia Reily show you how leadership principles and concepts can often be communicated best through the art of the story.
–Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead with LUV

A fascinating look into what makes the world’s great Navy tick--The Chief. Have you ever wondered how common citizens from all walks of life can grow and inspire others to do the impossible? The Navy Chief Petty Officer has a

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