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Emergence: Complexity & Organization - Special Issue on Chaos, Complexity and Conflict (10.4)

Written/Edited by: Bryan Hanson & L. Deborah Sword
2008, ISSN 1521-3250 (110 pages), ISCE Publishing

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Guest Editorial: Chaos, Complexity and Conflict
Bryan Hanson & L. Deborah Sword

General Papers

Chaos and Conflict: Recognizing Patterns
Stephen J. Guastello

A Complexity Science View of Conflict
L. Deborah Sword

Tackling the Tangle of Environmental Conflict: Complexity, Controversy, and Collaborative Learning
Gregg B. Walker, Steven E. Daniels & Jens Emborg

The Law of Requisite Cognitive Capacity in Human Communication, Conflict Resolution and Cooperation Solicitation
Jason Jixuan Hu

Fitness Landscapes of Complex Systems: Insights and Implications On Managing a Conflict Environment of Organizations
Sergey Samoilenko

Heterogeneity of Degree and the Emergence of Cooperation in Complex Social Networks
Gregory Todd Jones

Complexity and Philosophy

Systems Thinking, Complexity and the Philosophy of Science
Gerald Midgley

Classic Complexity

Is Adaptability Enough?
Geoffrey Vickers (with an introduction by L. Deborah Sword)


Adjacent Opportunities: Community Social Performance
Ron Schultz

Empowerment: Chapter 4 (of 10)—Gratefulness
Michael Shenker

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